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Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

I want to learn a new language but have no idea where to start!


How do I get over my fear of speaking my new language?


I am stuck at my language level, how to I move forward?  


How do I expand my vocabulary and develop greater fluency?


I am able to start a conversation but I can’t carry it on!


How do I improve my pronunciation?

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How do you acquire a second language?

Hey, my name is Lucas. When I moved to a foreign country and started learning a new language, I was in a language class for three months and still couldn’t do basic things like buy food from the grocery store! I was so frustrated because I had spent literally hundreds of hours learning vocabulary but had no idea how to string the words together. I was tired, frustrated and wanted to give up.

Then I truly discovered how not only to acquire a second language but to also use it in daily life. 

Why Acquire for Life?

Starting Acquire for Life is my way of sharing everything I've learned with others who are on a language learning journey. Acquire for Life is meant to be a hub for a variety of language learning resources to reach each learner at their own level. From our LingoLuke, Learn Bernese podcast​, courses, to our coaching service, all of these have been developed to enable a learner to grow and grab the handles of their language learning growth.

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