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Learn Bernese for Life


Join me and my Bernese German language helpers for a language lesson in mundart (dialect) and receive essential and practical resources to live your life in Bern Switzerland. As a beginner myself, you will learn with me to introduce yourself, introduce friends, tell time, and function in society, all while speaking Bärndütsch.

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Hey, my name is Lucas. I moved with my wife and two kids to a foreign country and started learning a new language. I was in a language class for three months and still couldn’t do basic things like buy food from the grocery store! I was so frustrated because I had spent literally hundreds of hours learning vocabulary but had no idea how to string the words together. I was tired, frustrated and wanted to give up.

Then I truly discovered how not only to acquire a second language but to also use it in daily life. 

Starting Acquire for Life is my way of sharing everything I've learned with others who are on a language learning journey. Acquire for life is meant to be a hub for a variety of language learning resources to reach each learner at their own level. From our LingoLuke, Learn Bernese podcast​, courses, to our coaching service, all of these have been developed to enable a learner to grow and grab the handles of their language learning growth.

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