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Don’t quit your job or buy a plane ticket home; learn to thrive in your new language and culture!

Lucas Ardelean, together with language experts and learners, gives you language learning methods, strategies, tips, and resources you need in order to put your own language learning plan together, develop the language skills you need in your new environment, and rise to the challenge of acquiring a second language for life.   

We go beyond sharing our experience, breaking down the latest linguistic research on second language acquisition so that you don’t need a degree to learn another language. We simplify the science behind language acquisition so you can reach the level of fluency you need.


Join Lucas in discovering how to learn a language quickly and efficiently by applying best practices for learners, setting realistic goals, appropriately using tools such as grammars, dictionaries and apps, and finding learning methods that work best for your learning style.  Don’t settle for learning vocabulary you don’t need, grammar you won’t use at your level or waste time and money on yet another book or curriculum: Subscribe today and learn a language for life! 

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